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 Post subject: Antichthon
PostPosted: Sun Feb 06, 2011 8:27 pm 
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I've already been kicking this around some with Gettir but I thought I'd open it up to the general public to do with what they will.

As I said in another thread, I've got a whole new gaming group, more or less and when we discussed what we wanted to do with the setting, I made them take initiative with it, more or less.

What was developed was a setting based on the following ideas:

*Hellenistic world emphasis - multiple cultures, but the mainland will be an expanded Greek world.

* Antichthon - A counter earth equal in many ways to our own, always hidden from view on the the other side of the sun. The Greek descendants that dwell here believe that they are the survivors of man from after the flood of Zeus, transplanted to this world by the Gods. Whether the forces that transport men are indeed the Gods in a traditional sense, or cosmic forces, aliens, or tears in the space-time continuum is deliberately left unclear and will never be explained.

*The same forces that brought the greeks here occasionally bring others as well. Sometimes individuals, sometimes entire tribes. Examples include norse and other germanic cultures that were transplanted to Antichthon, presumably by the gods as well, and dwell on the fringes of civilization. Certain noted individuals have made their way here as well at different times. The Hellens know of Homer and have heard of the variety of myths that developed in greece - presumably because greek poets have from time to time been transported. Discussions have been made for post-ancient world transplants as well. Perhaps when the Templars fled France by sea, they washed ashore of Antichthon and wound up here?

*Technology somewhat frozen in certain aspects during the golden age of Greece. Copper and Tin are far more available on this world than earth, making bronze cheaper by comparison. As well, Iron is extremely rare and the metallurgical properties of it are not well known. Of equal interest is the idea that when the greeks arrived, they inherited a world that had already fallen once - ruins of far older and more ancient civilizations dot the landscape in various regions, in many ways more advanced than the Hellenes. Orichalcum blades and armor survive, but are pricelessly rare and prized by them that might go their entire lives without having even looked upon it, let alone acquire such an item. In other ways, however, I'd like to see technology actually progress - medicine developing in the manner in which it might have naturally progressed had not rome become the center of thought and power, and then eventually collapsing into the dark ages where medicine suffered serious regression.

*Twists on traditional views of mythology. The movie 300 did a good job of taking human xenophobia of other cultures and displaying it in the way perhaps some would have seen it. As few as 300 years ago, the topic of whether or not africans were the same species as english was a hot topic. Similarly, 300 does a good job of portraying the Immortals and some of the exotic inhabitants of Persian held territory as something more or less than human. By the same token, I don't want "races" so much as "tribes of origin." The Norse of Antichthon might well seem more like Theocoles from Spartacus: Blood and Sand -- eight feet tall and ghostly white. Etc etc.

As well, I want to twist some of the mythology around. Folklore around the world seems concerned with women of the woods who will seduce a man and enslave or cannibalize them. -- This might be represented in terms of actual feral tribes, rather than spirits of the wood. Similarly, centaurs might be a barbaric Hun like society - as the bonding of men and horse is an alien thing to early Hellenist culture as I understand it. And the same might go for any number of myths I can think of. I don't know exactly how this second bit will go in implementation, but I like the idea.

As well, I like the idea that characters have the option to have "divine blood" in their lineage, allowing one if they so chose to have gifts above and beyond a normal human. In the tradition of the rest of the game, however, there would be nothing so direct as an overt divine overtone or direct intervention of deity. I haven't actually decided what these "gifts" might be, but I'd like them to be distinctly beyond what a normal person can attain.


That's sort of where we stand now. I still want to work on a sort of "Age of Mythology" feel, but with a marked number of differences to make this more than a Clash of the Titans - Cut and paste adventure. Input of any variety is more than welcome. I'll ramble on further when I've got more whiskey in me.

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