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 Post subject: One Page Character Sheet
PostPosted: Sat Oct 25, 2008 8:19 pm 
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Here is the one page character sheet from Higgins.

TROS-1page_0.1.pdf [513.3 KiB]
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 Post subject: Re: One Page Character Sheet
PostPosted: Sun Oct 26, 2008 9:12 am 
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Thanks for upload it, Ian!

As elaborated the legend of the "dots" in another thread:
- vertical bindings are to be coloured in full
- horizontal bindings are to include a numeric value (usually)
- constant binding is to be marked with + signs, as those values fluctuate often and +'s are easier to erase than full colour blocks
- skill advancement markers are to be marked with ticks (no room for other types of marking... and really not much point to make that room either. ticks work fine! :))

I added Fatigue under the wounds, to be marked as a Robinson Crusoe marked the passage of days... if that optional rule is used, and a Health field, to mark down the decrease of Health that occurs with Blood Loss.

I also divided pain to three... First field marks the effective pain that cripples your dice pools... Full pain is the unmodified pain you roll healing against, and the last field is the Robinson Crusoe type again, that marks how much you have healed (mark your successes there).

I didn't include the dummy, as it's mainly a mechanical device to determine the place of a wound and such... so, it's mainly business of the seneschal. And I also didn't include the priority field and I excluded sorcery (as this is how most of us play anyway!).

If the temportal and mental attributes section seems a bit clustered, it's because we're dealing with a direct port from my Estonian sheet. Boy, the English terms for attributes are long! Mental Aptitude... Wow! That's almost a sentence! All non-derived attributes are 6 characters or less in Estonian. :)

The skill section was also meant for my broader skills, which was one column only, but the two columns seemed with okay length. I printed the sheet out and wrote "Pickpocket" on it... there was even a bit room left over, so, that's okay.

And if your character indeed has some Attribute with the value of 8 or higher, feel free to carve those extra dots on the sheet with your pencil. :)

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