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Author:  Valthalion [ Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:35 am ]
Post subject:  Taxista

This is a character that I made for a campaign that never came about.

Taxista, Helenic Athlete

He lay on the rock, eyes peering over the valley below, finally there was silence. The setting sun had called the citizens back to their homes and hearths. He could see the last of their white robes on the road into Antica. Long deep breaths shuddered from him. Ma Dia! That oracle, how had the decrepit old woman ever followed him halfway across the land to the city. There she was again at his moment of triumph, spewing forth her doom upon him.

What a day. He had woken at dawn in the gumnasia. Stretched as his trainer Hippo instructed him. Ate his barley porridge and figs, just like normal. Everything disciplined and planned, except today he prepared to race in the great amphitheatre. The games were finally here.
He had lived and trained in the gumnasia for 12 weeks. Javelin, Discus, Wrestling, Boxing, Running. He trained in everything as he was required to do, but he was here for the running.

He was the swiftest man in all of Helena. Empowered by his divine father's seed he was swifter than an eagle. Large crowds had come to see him run.
And run he had, across that finish line, his opponents hardly having stepped from the start.
Taxista, Son of Hermes. He stood upon the podium with the cheering crowd acknowledging his divine father. The crowd paused, the priests flinched and that woman came out screaming at the top of her voice.

"Hubris, he is not the son of Hermes, he is cursed. His destiny is to disgrace his people. Cast him out; Cast him out!!"

The priests consulted the sacrifice. The entrails spoke, then the bones for confirmation. He was pronounced a fraud.

The crowd turned ugly, and he ran, grabbing a brace of thonged javelins as he passed. Run and Run and Run. Maybe he could have explained but she always hanuted him with her dooms.

He checked his gear. Loincloth, oil bottle, 3 javelins. And now the night......


Taxista is actually a Halfling with a Fey Father. He believed that he was the son of Hermes, but he now has realised that that cannot be so, otherwise the priests would have confirmed it. He is outcast from the Helenic people (especially at Antica) and a fire of revenge burns in him to kill his Father.

That's not the biggest part of his problem. He has been cast down by the God Hermes for Hubris. He has picked up the God as an Enemy (See Flaws)

Priority Picks

A Atrributes
B Proficencies
C Race Non magical halfling
D Skills
E Social Class: Peasant
F Gifts/Flaws


ST 5 WP 4
AG 7 WT 4
TO 6 MA 4
EN 6 SOC 3
HT 6 PER 3

Drive: to kill father 1
Destiny: to disgrace his people 4
Passion: Despise the oracle 1
Passion: Love Father 1
Conscience: 0

(Includes racial bonus)


Ridicule 7
Dancing 7
Intrigue 9
Orate 8
Horn 8
Juggling 7
Games 7
Acrobatics 9
Acting 8
Disguise 8
Singing 7

Weapon Art 7
First Aid 7
Read BL 11
Style 10
Ett (Games) 7
Sneak 8

(Includes Racial Bonus)

Note If I were playing this for a campaign now I'd probably make up a new skill packet for this type of athlete.


Thrown Javelin 3
Spear & Shield 2
Wrestling 4

Social Class:

Gifts and Flaws

Enemy (Major): God Hermes
Bad Reputation (Minor)

Loincloth. (This is optional as all Helenic Athletes run naked)
Bottle of oil
3 Weaver's beams.

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