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 Post subject: an experiment with magic (actual play)
PostPosted: Thu Feb 26, 2009 7:58 pm 
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Hi all,
New to RoS, our group has now played 3 games with the system. They're getting the hang of combat, slowly realizing how SA's can be used: no one has 'spent' any yet, just happy to receive SA points for playing their characters.

After our second adventure some though our game was too 'real'. I've always been a fan of low-magic, gritty campaigns and RoS seemed a good platform for that style. So for the third adventure one of the PC's introduced was a Wizard of sorts (actually a Skald from the north, but with mystical abilities).

Like many, I was a bit taken aback by the magic system, not for its lack of balance but for the mechanical nature. So I proposed the following method to the PC:

- he can try whatever he likes
- on the spot I'll assign a TN
- he can spend relevant SA's to create a 'spell pool'
- roll the dice and try to hit the TN, 1 = marginal success 5 = phenomenal
- spending SA's in this way is much like improving a character (insight gained, SA points lost)

In the actual session, no one knew he was capable of anything supernatural. The climax of the session saw our group trying to lay an ambush for a prisoner caravan with a former friend being led to his execution. The Skald of the group previously told the group that he'd take care of it, and that they and their retainers just had to stay in hiding in case something went wrong, then meet up at a predetermined point.

The skald took me aside and told me what he was going to do (teleport himself and the prisoner away), and I gave him the TN.

So the Skald pretended to be a wandering friar and walked up the road to meet the caravan. He gave a good speech to the villain leading the caravan, then the requisite smoke and pop --- and the Skald and prisoner disappeared.

The rest of the group had to avoid the patrols looking for the escaped prisoner, and eventually met up in their keep with their friends safe and sound.


I like this impromptu system because it maintains some mystery yet is logical enough that the wizard can weigh his options. The character will often do less in any given adventure, but can be a major actor when required. In the long-term the character won't grow statistically like the others, but I think that's a fair trade off.

Any other thoughts out there?

 Post subject: Re: an experiment with magic (actual play)
PostPosted: Thu Feb 26, 2009 8:12 pm 
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TROS core magic is meant to produce something very specific in a very specific way. You had something else you wanted to do in a different way, but did it within the framework of SAs and the overall game mechanics. I think it's great.


Jake Norwood
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 Post subject: Re: an experiment with magic (actual play)
PostPosted: Fri Feb 27, 2009 4:17 am 
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I like your system, I'm just concerned at the expenditure of SA's to fuel spells, as you pointed out this will pretty much put a stop to the PC's development.

I wonder, have you seen Ian.Plumb's Primitive Talent system? You can download it from this site. I'm currently using it for a Psychic character in a game I am running, basically he tells me a strong emotion he is feeling, and a relex-action he wants to pull off, I think of a suitable "power" asign a TN and he rolls, very similar to your system. However instead of spending SA's he spends his Spell Pool, this generally means he can pull off about one power a day, or five in one day and then not much for several days.

I'd recommend you take a look at that, and then perhaps you can say that any SA's used to fuel the Spells cast with this system will be permanently spent, if you want. Its really low powered, and low magic. For instance to Teleport the way the player did, I would have assigned a TN of 10, which means it would have been difficult for the Player to pull off without spending SA's.

Hmm, infact, I might add the any SA's used, are SA's spent rule to my own magic system.


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