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Author:  Licheking [ Mon May 19, 2008 12:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Fighting Schools

Although the Savaxen don't have schools as such they do have a fairly uniform way of fighting, and therefore i have included these 2 'schools' to represent this. The rules for Schools are in the Flower of Battle supplement and they are the ones i'm using for this article.

The First 'School' is for Freemen and Karls and represents the common fighting style for the Savaxen people.
Common School
Enrollment Requirements:
Freeman or Karl
Primary Focus:- Pole-Arm
Specialisation:- Spear
Secondary Focus:- Long Bow, Sword & Shield, Mass Weapon & Shield
Outside Focus:- Cut & Thrust, Francisca, Sling

The Second 'School' is for Huskarls, Thanes and Jarls and is usually taught father to son.
Common School
Enrollment Requirements:
Huskarl or better
Primary Focus: Sword & Shield
Specialisation:- Norse Sword
Secondary Focus:- Pole-Arm, Mass Weapon & Shield, Dagger
Outside Focus:- Cut & Thrust, Longbow

The Following Weapons are the mainstay of the Savaxen people:-
Norse Sword
Battle Axe
Warhammer (actually more like a mace than the Warhammer in TFoB)
Although the main rulebook says they like Javelins as well i disagree with it, and would instead say that they threw their spears well, although only as a last resort, since this would also be most Savaxen's main weapon!

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