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Author:  Ian.Plumb [ Mon Jan 21, 2013 8:56 pm ]
Post subject:  The Last Post

Welcome fans of the game "The Riddle of Steel" by Jake Norwood to the final post on trosfans.

This website ran for five years supporting the TRoS community. Over that time we attracted just over 230 genuine members, around 140 of whom made 11,000 posts to the forum. For a game that was out of print, was no longer available in stores, and had not been supported by the publisher for a couple of years -- well, that's not a bad effort and demonstrates just how good the game was in the eyes of the members.

The proudest achievement of trosfans will always be the fostering of the Successor games. Back in September 2009 we opened a dedicated forum to a Successor game, having given up on the forlorn hope of acquiring the rights to TRoS itself. By January 2012 the forum had attracted 93 threads and around 2000 posts discussing every aspect of TRoS -- both inclusions and exclusions. Many great ideas came out of that forum -- but one thing that didn'y eventuate was a cohesive view of what a Successor game should look like.

That task was taken up by various authors.

Phil and Michael created "Blade of the Iron Throne", a Swords and Sorcery successor to TRoS. Released in January 2013 it is available through The community there is very active and is already triple the size of trosfans.

Henri is producing "Song of Steel", an historical drama successor to TRoS. Details are available at

To all the members of trosfans, active and lurkers, many thanks for making trosfans what it was. And to Jake, and Brian, and Rick -- thanks for the game that turned our players from the dark-side of passive scenario play to the enlightened world of player-driven story. Bravo!


Ian P.

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