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Author:  Hector [ Thu Apr 09, 2009 3:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Punchau sighs, somewhat calmer now. "I'd rather not be separated; I've invested too much in her escape for her safety in the journey to be left entirely out of my hands, but I'll do what needs to be done. As to the two choices, I'd prefer whichever of the two gets us out of here quicker and thus leaves you less likely to be accused of helping us."

Palaluca nods at the question. "Yes, labour caste. And I really don't want to go through the jungle, but... if there's no safe alternative..."

Author:  Grettir [ Thu Apr 09, 2009 5:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Ian, yes exactly, P’Tarn has delivered two pouches because his two recipients were ti be found elsewhere than An-Ara’s; not every go-between for a priest is a temple-employee himself. I'm of course keeping myself open an avenue how Pac Utal's shady dealings can easily come back to him to bite him. :twisted:

Higgins, wether right or wrong, you’ve the suspicion that Layanna is just trying to keep Itzcoatl away from his quarters, but after that failed contest with her Itzcoatl is at least for now definitely convinced that she negotiates for real; please keep that in mind for determining his actions.

Itzcoatl. Temple-citadel of Ozomatli.

The haggling between Layanna and Itzcoatl drags on and on, but as the meal comes to a close, so does the negotiation. Itzcoatl does finally agree to all of Layanna’s demands and consents to show her the artefact right away – but of course he has not the slightest intention to actually honour the agreement he has given with feigned reluctance.

While the two high priests make to leave, the gong with which one requests entry into the antechamber is struck, and when leave is given to enter, a tall temple warrior appears – it is Mizquitot, one of Itzcoatl’s most loyal personal retainers, a fact certainly not unknown to Layanna. Mizquitot draws nearer, than bows deeply.

“Reverend Mother, Reverend Father”, he greets the two high priests, then he hesitates. Understanding the situation, Layanna rises. “I’ll be waiting right outside”, she says. “Make it quick, if you please.”

As the door has closed on Layanna’s slender back, words tumble from Mizquitot’s lips: “Reverend Father, me and Ek Balam have been on call at your lodgings when we heard a crashing sound from inside. We investigated and found your Descended slave clasping some ritual implement, the chambers all around him terribly devastated, your snake tanks upturned and snakes everwhere—“

“Have you seized him?”, Itzcoatl interrupts his follower, a sense of dreadful foreboding rising in him.

“We tried, Reverend Father”, Mizquitot almost whines, “but he just jumped out the window. We couldn’t get to the window right away, with all the snakes on the floor, but we saw that he seemed to have survived the fall very well – he even evaded the club and spear we cast after him, and then he was off. Ek Balam thinks that a small, bright-green snake bit him in the calf, though, but I’m not so sure. We—“

“Is anything missing from my chambers?”, Itzcoatl asks with his heart pounding in his throat, carefully avoiding direct mention of the “ritual implement”.

“Why, we can’t tell for sure with your chambers being in total disarray, but I don’t think so, Reverend Father. That is – there is the strange wand he has been clasping when he went through the window; he has held on to that. We have of course alerted what few men remain in the temple to look for him, and I came right to report without delay.”

That’s it, Itzcoatl thinks; he has lost the Shoatli, and now the artefact is in the hands of some barely human creature.

“There’s something else, Reverend Father”, Mizquitot says, subdued at seeing his master so visibly distraught. He glances at the door behind which Layanna is waiting and continues: “Before he jumped, the slave shouted abuse at us – and he cried that the Reverend Mother Layanna was sending her greetings, Reverend Father.”

What now?

Author:  Grettir [ Thu Apr 09, 2009 5:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Ghost Jaguar. Kitchen tract of the temple-citadel of Ozomatli.

Locating Camasoz within the cavernous kitchens is only a matter of moments – the priest’s voice is heard ringing out far, and following it Ghost Jaguar finds the man berating a small group of laves and free labourers. Ghost Jaguar hangs well back, but it isn’t long until he catches Camasoz’ eye. With remarkable quick-witedness the priest doesn’t loose a beat upon seeing Ghost Jaguar, he merely stabs an angry finger at him.

“And you – I want to have a word with you about those chakmol-nuts”, Camasoz’ shouts at Ghost Jaguar, referring to a kind of delicate nut the Ascended harvest at great risk from the jungle. “I’ll atend to you once I’m done with these ingrates – wait for me at the speciality larder!”

Then he returns to chiding the kitchen staff. Ghost Jaguar has learned enough of the temple to realize that the larder for special foodstuffs is a decent place to conduct business away from prying eyes – it is kept under lock, and Camasoz is one of the few who have a key to it. The young hunter stalks away to its godstone door, and waits.

Ghost Jaguar’s nerves are already tense, and the waiting does nothing to alleviate that. He is a hunter, and hunters are used to wait endlessly, patiently, but this is a different matter. It seems a long time until Camasoz does finally appear, but Ghost Jaguar knows that it’s only his own apprehension that made it seem so – he has hardly waited for longer than fifty breaths.

Camasoz is still keeping up the charade. He walks past Ghost Jaguar without paying him any heed, pouring out his scorn about the quality of the chakmol nuts while he unlocks and opens the door. The priests enters the larder for delicacies, and after a quick glance has shown Ghost Jaguar that nobody sems to be hiding in it, he follows. Camasoz closes the door behind the two of them and turns to Ghost Jaguar: “So you have got it – already?”

Author:  Crow Caller [ Thu Apr 09, 2009 8:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Before I reply, can I make three Intrigue Rolls please?
One to see what I've learnt about Camasoz over the past two years, one for Layanna, and one for Itzcoatl.

Ghost Jaguar feels he is going into all this just a little too blind. So I thought I'd see exactly what he knows of each of these people before he continued.

Author:  Grettir [ Thu Apr 09, 2009 1:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Sure, Crow Caller, make the rolls, three times Mental Aptitude/Intrigue, first Camasoz, then Layanna, then Itzcoatl. As this represents information obtained casually in the past, without any effort, no SA applies. The rolls to know about Layanna and Itzcoatl are straight, as Ghost Jaguar has had a lot of direct or indirect dealings with them, but none with Camasoz -- at least three successes are needed to have more than the most common knowledge about him.

Author:  Crow Caller [ Thu Apr 09, 2009 3:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Ghost Jaguar

Mental Aptitude 6 vs Intrigue 7.







Author:  Crow Caller [ Thu Apr 09, 2009 3:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Heh, apparently Ghost has been paying more attention about the other members of the priesthood, than about his own master.

Oh well, I'm just pleased with the other two rolls.

I'll post Ghost's answer to Camasoz after you tell me a little more about him.


Author:  Grettir [ Thu Apr 09, 2009 8:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Crow Caller, what Ghost Jaguar has learned in bits and pieces is this:

Camasoz is a “typical” priest, if there is such a thing. Reasonably devout but also slightly ambitious, but to no greater extent than wanting a quiet, comfortable position in the mechanism that is the temple – which he has achieved. Some believe that he hides higher ambitions behind a complacent façade, but there is nothing to substantiate such suspicions.

Layanna comes from a well-established priestly family, but she has risen above her father’s rank in already young years. She’s said to have little piety, but to be a consummate politician and especially a very skilled manipulator – she understands how to use other people, often without them knowing it, like no other does. If she has ever used murder to attain her goals, she has done so skillfully enough that there are not even rumours about it; she has most likely other, less direct means to remove those in her way. She has a large following among the temple personal, many of whom have thrown their lot in with her because they expect her to eventually become the foremost power in the temple. Her biggest rival is Itzcoatl.

Itzcoatl is also much more ambitious politician than pious priest, and he has also risen fast – the speed of his rise has only been eclipsed by that of Layanna. His greatest rival is Layanna.

Ghost Jaguar gets a check to Intrigue.

Author:  Ian.Plumb [ Thu Apr 09, 2009 10:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Hector, where do you want Punchau's tale to go from here?

Clearly he's not going to get out of the city with Palaluca, so where do you want this to go before that becomes clear?


Author:  Crow Caller [ Fri Apr 10, 2009 3:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Ghost Jaguar - Kitchens

Ghost Jaguar looks at the Priest but he does not bow like a servant, he is beyond servitude now. If he is caught he will be killed, and if he is to be killed, then he will die free.

"I have got what you asked." he says, removing the Shoatl from his tunic, but still holding it tightly, "but we must move fast, I did not go unobserved retrieving this, though I believe that no-one followed me here.
Two guards interupted my search just as I found the object and had it in my hand. I have tried to cover my trail by implementing the Lady Layanna, she is Itzcoatl's most fierce rival, and I do not think he will easily shake his suspicion of her."

Slowly handing the Shoatl to the priest, he holds on to it firmly as the Priest grasps the other end. "Now, my daughter."

Author:  Grettir [ Fri Apr 10, 2009 6:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Hector, Ian is right; the two of you need to work out where to take your characters’ scene to. The actual decision where to go to next isn’t even important, as it will be one or two days before an escape from Ozomatli wil be arranged, and I promise you that your characters will in this time see some action that will more like than not disrupt your plans anyway.

Crow Caller, for what Ghost Jaguar said and di just now I need an immediate Perception roll TN 7, without any SAs applicable. You have to at least match the successes of this roll with 5 dice against TN 9:

Author:  Crow Caller [ Fri Apr 10, 2009 6:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Ghost Jaguar

Perception 6 vs TN 7 (Isn't Attribute test usually vs 6? *shrugs* just a first for me :P)


Author:  Grettir [ Fri Apr 10, 2009 7:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Right-o, Crow Caller, plain attribute checks are usually made against 6, but I have taken this one analogous to the Perception TN 8 to see through somebody’s use of Sincerity – Camasoz is not using Sincerity, but he is trying to keep something from Ghost Jaguar, and because what he tries to hide shook him so very much, I’ve made hiding it harder and thus decreased Ghost Jaguar’s TN from 8 to 7. See?

Ghost Jaguar. Kitchen tract of the temple-citadel of Ozomatli.

As Ghost Jaguar demands his daughter, he becomes aware of the sudden commotion twisting Camasoz’ features. The priest struggles to hide it, but Ghost Jaguar sees right through those feeble attempts. The dilating pupils, the flaring nostrils, the short, tiny twitch in the corner of the mouth, the jaw sagging involuntatily, the sharp intake of breath – it’s all there. Something has just now terribly unsettled the priest.

As he speaks, Camasoz’ voice is smooth and without a hitch, full of assurance. “Don’t worry, slave”, he says, holding on to his end of the Shoatli, “I have already begun making arrangements. You see, I am a confidant of the high priest Ixcal. Unlike many of the high priests, Ixcal is a devout man and a true servant of the gods. He fears – rightly so – that his colleagues…But I disgress, those temple politics are nothing to you and the case of your daughter. The important thing is that they afford me the opportunity to help your daughter.”

By now, Camasoz is once again fully composed, calm and filled with the quiet confidence of one who has been used to being obeyed all of his life: “Ixcal has charged me to outfit a very small expedition to Arcomatli – under the guise of obtaining Pochteca-oil for the kitchens, it wil in reality fulfill another purpose, Ixcal’s purpose. I will hide your daughter with this tiny caravan. The few men in the expedition are confidants of mine, and devout, and-picked men all, men who believe in the religious purity embodied by Ixcal – if I charge them to secretly take your daughter along, they will do so without question, presuming it to be Ixcal’s will. The journey to Arcomatli, the business there and the return journey should take some ten days – when your daughter returns with the expedition, the Servitors will have returned to the Mountain, and the danger to your child will have passed. And if in the meantime there should arise any suspicion against me, that I should have spirited your daughter away, Ixcal will surely intervene on my behalf, revealing the true, holy purpose of the alleged oil-buying expedition to the Servitors. And as Ixcal is known to be deeply devout and to have kept clear from base temple intrigue all his life, his word will almost certainly disperse any suspicion. And if not, I have this here to bagain.”

With these words, he tugs the Shoatli. “Now, the artefact, if you please”, he says.

Ghost Jaguar knows that the high priest Ixcal has indeed the reputation of integrity and piety Camasoz has mentioned. What will he do?

Author:  Crow Caller [ Fri Apr 10, 2009 8:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Just to be clear, Camasoz's reaction was at the mention of Ghost's daughter? Or could it have been to something else Ghost said and he only noticed it afterwards?

If Ghost thinks the reaction was to the mention of either Layanna or his Daughter then things might get violent. He has Passion: Hatred that extends to Priests and as such he has zero trust of them and the events of this past day have been very trying. Ghost feels as if his back is against a wall.


Author:  Grettir [ Fri Apr 10, 2009 8:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Actual Play!

Crow Caller wrote:
Just to be clear, Camasoz's reaction was at the mention of Ghost's daughter? Or could it have been to something else Ghost said and he only noticed it afterwards?

The reaction coincided temporarily with about the second half or last third of what Ghost Jaguar has said.

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