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 Post subject: Play Style: The Movie Script
PostPosted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 2:47 am 
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Imagine that we have been tasked to write a new movie. Each of the players has been tasked with creating a major character, and writing their part in the story. Each player will be an assistant director in the movie, in charge of scene setting and writing their characters interaction with the world. The referee/seneschal/Game Master (or as I like to imagine for myself Game Servant) is in charge of writing the minor characters and keeping the plot moving forward (that's me ;) )

Unlike a TV series where generally character's don't change from episode to episode. This is a movie, where characters have "arc". They wrestle with their flaws and they change.

They don't change in stats or skills usually (except in teen movies) but they change in character.

How is this going to effect the role play style.

  1. All world and setting and character's are created openly and with open contribution from other players.
  2. The only restriction is that Everyone involved needs to be comfortable with what we create
  3. Posts are written in the third person, and include the scene, players can invent anything that is possible (not just probable) for their scene. (We'll use a drama point mechanic but more about that later)
  4. The main focus of play should be on a good story, not winning. Using the above powers players can easily win, the point is to make a good story, stories involve conflict and danger not an easy cruise to the top.
  5. Combat will be simplified (because of the format we are playing)
  6. Character's won't improve like in a normal RPG, but in compensation they'll start a little better than normal
  7. Because we are expecting the character's to change weaknesses and flaws will come into play often. Be careful what you ask for.
  8. We don't expect to play this campaign for an extended period of time. It will be all over in a blaze of glory. Insight points can be carried over to the next campaign.
  9. Unlike a movie or tv series or a piece of fiction, you are participating in creating the story and enjoying it at the same time. Have fun!!

For style have a look at the What Price freedom campaign in this forum!

Knight against chaos

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