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Author:  Slynt [ Fri Jan 01, 2010 5:48 am ]
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Grettir wrote:
Well, I guess that somewhere round here there's a thread where I give A Song of Ice and Fire a sound thrashing... :roll: :lol:

:!: :o :shock: I'll see if I can dig it up :mrgreen:

Author:  Slynt [ Fri Jan 01, 2010 5:59 am ]
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Ian.Plumb wrote:
Slynt wrote:
1. How do I get picture up like you guys have, on the subforum?

2. How do I get a direct link to Sarmatov from the Weyrth section like the other "landgrabbed" nations have?

:roll: Just shows I seldom use the menus ...

Yes I see Sarmatov :D Allright, I will do that once I have found or made something apropriately cool. Thanks.

Author:  Slynt [ Fri Jan 01, 2010 6:16 am ]
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Cold-sea fishing brings in most of the income in the frigid north, as does coal-mining in the south. Farming is everywhere, where beets, potatoes, and cabbages are raised in abundance. Despite a high percentage of nobility and gentry, all but the wealthiest do their own farming (though most gentry have the aid of at least a few peasants).
Sarmatovian heavy cavalry are rumored to be the best, and find a great deal of work as mercenaries outside of their own borders.

Or rather, first thoughts - if cold-sea fishing in the north brings income, I assume fish is shipped south to the capital; an adventure where characters must track down a mercenary who has grown too powerful on the borders/near the borders could provide a decent hook for a scenario or campaign.

Sarmats tend toward brown and blond hair and brown, green, or hazel eyes. Men's hair is usually closely shorn around the back and sides, leaving a thicker "bowl cut" on top;walrus-like mustaches are extremely popular. Women wear their hair long and have none of the western tendency to hide it. The gentry dress in bright but not garish colors, favoring colored leather boots, fur hats, and cloaks made from the hides of exotic animals (such as wolves or the lions and tigers of Imjia). A saber in a black sheath is a sign of military prowess and is considered an invitation to prove that prowess to anyone else wearing a like scabbard.

I don't think the men of Sarmatov are going to win any awards for teh sexiness just yet; Is sheath and scabbard the same? I think that, from this, I can actually make up a few minor differences between the Sarmats and the Rzecz.

Places of Note:
Stolitza, the capital, rests between the two nations overlooking the enormous Yezhoro lake. The remainder of the countryside is littered with fortresses, castles, and walled cities, each belonging to a different lord.

There will be more than one rock quarry on the southern slopes of the mountains then; there will be a well-used trade road between Stolitza and the former capital of the Rzezcpospolita, while other roads are in need of repairs. I will present one of these mentioned fortresses soon, a place called Tyrit Osla which I made up a few days ago.

Player Bonuses:
+1 WP or TO
- 1 HT due to harsh living conditions (walled cities & high percentage of gentry doesn't sound too harsh to me; or is this meant to reflect climate only?)
Free Skill: Any two of the following languages: Zhibaran, Krymean, Zaprorozhyan, Magyar, Stalhnish, or Odean.
"High Freeman"-class characters are considered gentry and gain all of the rights attached. Low freemen are usually city-folk and have a number of rights depending on their lord.
Peasants begin with half the normal starting wealth (yay for peasants)

Author:  Slynt [ Tue Jan 05, 2010 11:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: What the Core Rules say

I've spent some time reading through threads here, and I am impressed with what you've been doing all. And getting a little scared, you guys certainly know Weyrth a lot better than me - so whenever I write something that is completely at odds with the setting, do tell me. I have some ideas that I am currently mulling over, and hopefully I'll put them up soon(ish).

Author:  Grettir [ Tue Jan 05, 2010 5:14 pm ]
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Slynt wrote:
I've spent some time reading through threads here, and I am impressed with what you've been doing all. And getting a little scared, you guys certainly know Weyrth a lot better than me -

:lol: Man, there's little to know -- we're just making things up!

And with Sarmatov you've chosen a corner that is sufficiently far from the other staked regions so that you should be quite free. A point of -- possible -- friction might only be the Magyarfold. It is quite obviously pagan, at least prior to the Stahlnish conquest, and as Sarmatov is also partially pagan and neighbouring it, it seems feasible that relations between Sarmatov and Magyarfold have been close, with some impact on Sarmatov's relations to Stahl. You'll have to think of something here.

Apart from integratig the technology in Sarmatov with that of the rest of Weyrth I can only think of two areas where you might have to take care:

1) The Imperial Church's mission to then totally pagan Sarmatov. The time of the great proselytation was the 8th and the earlier part of the 9th century, when Xanarium's missionaries roamed even farther east than Sarmatov, right into Tegaarn. It seems likely that the Imperial Faith reached Sarmatov during this time.

2) You need to decide whether the Erulian Migration of around 1200 Weyr did touch Sarmatov, and if so, in what way Sarmatov was affected. Actual imigration does imo not seem terribly likely -- far northern Sarmatov isn't exactly a prime spot to imigrate to.

Author:  Slynt [ Wed Apr 21, 2010 4:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What the Core Rules say

Holy [insert favorite word to go with holy here]! I haven't been here since January ... :lol: Too much stuff going on at once.

But I haven't forgotten TRoS-fans. .. just want to give a sign of life.

Hopefully I will find time.

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