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Pane Jihoza
(pah-neh gee-who-za)
The Southwestern Riverlands, also called the Bloody Fords (see below).


In the southwest of Sarmatov, a number of rivers flow southward from the hills to the north of them; these rivers are vital for transportation of goods, and is thus well protected by the fortress of Tyrit Osla.

[more on the Bloody Fords in the Geography-thread]

Tyrit Osla
(tee-rit os-lah])
A mighty fortress and defensive structure, also called the Confluence. During the centuries of strife and warfare within the borders, Tyrit Osla has changed hands numerous times.

Tyrit Pruko
(tee-rit pru-ku)
North of Tyrit Osla lies Tyrit Pruko, the Spear Tower, another defensive structure built to protect the Bloody Fords. From its vantage point (the tower is built on a hill overlooking one of the fords), guards can see approaching enemies from a great distance.

Tyrit Sermesya
(tee-rit ser-meh-see-ah)
A third defensive structure is Tyrit Sermesya, the Tower of the Black Moon, located west of the Bloody Fords, so called for it was originally a temple maintained by a local cult now extinct.


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