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Author:  Slynt [ Fri Jan 01, 2010 7:28 pm ]
Post subject:  History

*Please do not reply to this thread (if I am doing something wrong in relation to timelines etc. please PM me until I finish this up).*


1467 WEYR

1466 WEYR
The last king of the Yagjelonian dynasty passes away: the Yagjelonians have long ruled Sarmatov and the Commonwealth, ever being elected new kings, be they sons, uncles, or nephews within the family, but now the gentry must stake a new course, and there are many claimaints who wish to become the new king, bogging down the Senate in endless debates, attempts at staging a new election constantly thwarted by opposing candidates and their factions.

1403 WEYR
The winged Husars lose a major battle.

Ca. 1250 WEYR
The saber is introduced to the people of Sarmatov and the Commonwealth.

1076 WEYR
Sarmatov and the Rzeczpospolita are united.

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